User review: EASY BREATHE powder for HOT DRINK

User review: EASY BREATHE powder for HOT DRINK

The product for making a hot drink contains vitamin C, zinc, selenium and elderberry blossoms which promote normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C helps reducing fatigue and exhaustion. Elderberry blossoms and pelargonium roots help preventing tingling sensation in the throat, hoarseness, and cough caused by a common flu.

Dāvis, 30 years old - "Since the flu season is here, I wanted to try "Dr. Pakalns Select Easy Breathe" which was recommended to me by a colleague. The product has a nice visual design with great choice of colours, because the colour of green along with plant images make an impression of a natural product with plant ingredients. It is easy to use the product.

I use the hot drink according to the instructions as soon as the first symptoms of a cold appear - sore throat, runny nose, and muscle weakness. The hot drink tastes and smells a bit like red tea. After a few hot drinks, I noticed that breathing became easier and the general well-being improved, and the muscle pain decreased. Thank you!”

Māra, 29 years old - "A while ago I had a severe cold. In the pharmacy I was advised to try products by "Dr. Pakalns". I am not a fan of cough syrups, so I decided to try a hot drink. The hot drink reminded me of my grandma’s herbal tea; it had a pleasant taste. There was no strong aroma that many hot drinks have. After the first cup of the hot drink, I regained my voice. Overall, I drank all 10 tea packs. After three days I felt much better and the dry cough had already disappeared. Now I use this tea for preventive purposes, drinking it once a week to strengthen immunity."

Evija, 33 years old - "I use “Easy Breathe” hot drink at the first signs of a cold to prevent hoarseness in the throat, as well as prophylactically once a week to strengthen immunity. The drink tastes good, although I usually do not like hot drinks because they have a citrus taste, which is quite strong. Thanks to the elderberry blossoms, this drink has a pleasant aroma, sweet taste, and it is red. I like the fact that the drink does not contain added sugar. The product is beautifully packaged, easy to use, well soluble in water. I will definitely use the drink when needed. "

Madara, 28 years old - "I applied to test the powder for making a hot drink by "Dr. Pakalns Select" because after reading the product description I liked the composition, and also I wanted to try this product because I happened to have a cold. I also used “Easy Breathe" hot drink because I had sore throat and cough and I experienced weakness and fatigue. I really liked the smell and taste of the hot drink. It quickly warmed the whole body and reduced tingling sensation in my throat. My health improved. Since I was able to rest peacefully and sleep well, the recovery process was faster and easier with "Easy Breathe" hot drink. Thanks to the wonderful products by "Dr. Pakalns Select”, a true first aid in case of a cold."

Intars, 36 years old - "I decided to try hot drink by "Dr. Pakalns Select" because in the cold season I quite frequently suffer from prolonged illness - runny nose, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, and other symptoms. I used the hot drink in addition to the medication prescribed by the doctor, because I hoped that it would give a faster feeling of relief than the systematic medication. And that is what truly happened. Shortly after drinking one cup of the hot drink, I really felt a little better, had more energy, and the symptoms were less excruciating. I used the drink as indicated in the instructions - twice a day.

At least for me, the hot drink reminded of chokeberry tea, it tasted good and had a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma. Compared to powders sold in pharmacies containing paracetamol, “Easy Breathe” was much more pleasant for consumption. I have to admit that the visual design of the product is also great as it immediately gives the impression of being a natural product. Thank you!"

Laima, 24 years old - "I had already noticed products by "Dr. Pakalns Select" on the shelves of pharmacies, so after reading in the offer to try the brand’s hot drink I decided to apply. This is very important now when everyone around is sneezing and coughing. I use the hot drink for preventive purposes, once a day, in the first half of the day. I noticed that the drink gives me more energy and vitality. I loved the taste - a little sour, reminiscent of a berry infusion, I liked it. The aroma – not strong. I appreciate that the tried products by "Dr. Pakalns Select" contain natural ingredients, because I don't see the point in treating common cold with chemicals while simultaneously damaging one’s liver and stomach. I think I will continue to buy a combination of these products in case of colds. Thank you!"

Laine, 27 - "In October, I had the opportunity to try the products by Dr. Pakalns: “Easy Breathe" powder for making a hot drink. I applied to test the product because autumn is a time when, as a rule, various viruses activate, and almost everyone, including me and my family, struggles with initial symptoms of a cold. We prefer natural products because we believe that it is the best way to overcome disease and have good health. Packaging is tasteful and visually appealing - I really like both the shades and the design, making me think of luxury brands.

The drink has a pleasant taste. Since I do not enjoy the usual citrus taste, this was a pleasant change, because "Easy Breathe" drink tastes more like berries and is not so sweet. We used the product when we felt the first signs of a cold, and the effect was very good. The next day the symptoms disappeared, but the feeling improved. Thank you for the opportunity to try this wonderful product! We will definitely continue to use it in the future. "

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