Ointment for nasal skin care. Moisturizes and protects the skin, helps to restore normal protective barrier of the skin. Relaxing, strong, slightly warming and at the same time gently cooling aroma. Refreshing sensations thanks to eucalyptus and mint.

Dāvis, 30 years old - "Since the season of flu is here, I chose to try an ointment by Dr. Pakalns Select Easy Breathe upon the recommendation of a colleague. The ointment has a nice visual design, great choice of colours, because the green shade and plant images give the impression of a natural product with plant-based ingredients. The product is easy-to-use and thanks to the fact that the packaging is not too large, you can always take it with you when leaving the house. I used the ointment according to instructions at the first symptoms of a cold – itching sensation down the throat, severe runny nose and muscle weakness. Just after first couple of uses, I noticed that it became easier to breathe and the overall well-being improved. Thank you!"

Māra, 29 years old - "Some time ago I had a severe cold. In the pharmacy I was advised to try products by "Dr. Pakalns". I was intrigued by a nasal ointment, because the package was relatively small, as well as easy-to-open, without much effort. Since the product had a simple design and it was easy to use it, I was able to carry the ointment everywhere, and the aroma of the ointment was not too strong, unlike "Zvaigznīte" (a balm historically used in Latvia to treat the flu symptoms). Ointment texture - like a facial cream. Does not leave greasy marks on the skin and does not cause a burning sensation. In fact, the ointment has a pleasant, light menthol scent that also slightly cools the reddish skin around the nose. "

Evija, 33 years old - "I decided to try Easy Breath Oterino Ointment because my nose is often stuffy. I also use it prophylactically during the season of viruses to protect myself from respiratory diseases. The smell of the ointment is pleasant, cooling, with the aroma of eucalyptus. Similar to “Zvaigznīte” which we used during the Russian era. I use it both for myself and my child when leaving the house, as well as when I have to sneeze or have a stuffy nose in the morning. The packaging is convenient, easy-to-use."

Madara, 28 years old - "I was under the weather with a bad case of runny nose. I placed a small amount of Easy Breath Oterino Ointment under the nose. I really liked the smell, I felt eucalyptus and mint, the effect was cooling and slightly warming. I liked that the ointment was not too strong. As a result, the ointment helped to free the blockage in the nose. Thanks to the wonderful products by “Dr. Pakalns Select”, a true first aid in case of a cold.”

Intars, 36 years old – “I decided to try an ointment for airways by "Dr. Pakalns Select" because in the cold season I quite frequently suffer from prolonged illness. I used the ointment whenever needed by applying around the nasal area. Oterino Ointment is rather similar to the well-known “Zvaigznīte”, but the smell is not so strong and the texture of Oterino Ointment was better suited for my airways.

I must admit that the visual design of these products is also very successful, as it immediately gives the impression of a natural product. Thanks!”

Laima, 24 years old - "I had already noticed products by “Dr. Pakalns Select” on the shelves of pharmacies, so after reading in the offer to try the brand’s airway ointment I decided to apply. This is very important now when everyone around is sneezing and coughing.

I suffer from chronic runny nose, which intensifies in the autumn-winter season, so I use the ointment regularly, about 3-4 times a day, spreading around the nose. It really does provide a slight but nevertheless important relief, and the aroma is pleasant and soothing. Thanks!”

Laine, 27 years old– “In October, I had the opportunity to try the products by Dr. Pakalns: “Easy Breathe" ointment with mint and eucalyptus for airways. I applied to test the product because autumn is a time when, as a rule, various viruses activate, and almost everyone, including me and my family, struggles with initial symptoms of a cold. We prefer natural products because we believe that it is the best way to overcome disease and have good health. The packaging is tasteful and visually appealing – I really like both the shades and the design, making me think of luxury brands. I especially liked the smell of the ointment - it immediately eases breathing and creates a pleasant feeling of freshness. We used the product at the first signs of a cold, and the effect was very good. Thank you for the opportunity to try this wonderful product! We will definitely continue to use it in the future.”

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